Nexus’ educated agronomy force partners with industry leaders to help our producers get the most return on every acre. Utilizing today’s technologies, the Agronomy Team is efficient and effective in increasing yields for our customers. Our team believes strongly in producers protecting their crop investments and we offer a variety of crop protection products that we stand firmly behind.

Seed Treatments

Our custom treated soybean seeds provide the potential and peace of mind you need to ensure a successful growing season. Our treatment includes:

  • Broad-spectrum protection against Fusarium, Phytopthera, Pythium and other common soil-borne threats.
  • Available in 5 custom blends, precision-formulated for local soils in northern Iowa and southern Minnesota.
  • Choose the protection you need – don’t pay for what you don’t need.
  • Fast turnaround from our climate-controlled facilities.
  • From the agronomy experts at member-owned Nexus Cooperative.


Nexus works with Cooperative Credit Company (CCC) and WinField® United as our producer financing partners.

CCC is owned completely and exclusively by the members they serve. With member cooperatives throughout the Midwest, CCC understands the needs and realities of farming today. Ag financing is their only business—not just a department next to the mortgage and trust departments. You’ve got big plans for the season ahead. Let’s work together to make those plans happen.

Every agronomic decision is a financial decision. We get that. And with WinField® United SECURE™ financing, you get the flexible terms and low fixed rates on lines of credit you need to farm your best. And most profitably.


The Nexus Agronomy Team is dedicated to serving all of your operational needs. Our team of agronomy advisors and associates will provide you with the right programs and products to increase yields and protect your investment, maximizing your return per acre. Call your nearest Nexus location today to contact one of our agronomists.

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