Whether you have dairy, beef, swine or poultry, the Nexus feed team can help you develop a feeding program to meet your growth and production goals. Working with you on your farm, our team of nutritionists can help you with ration formulation, benchmarking and improving feed efficiency.



Nexus provides all the nutrition your pigs need in all phases of swine production. Incorporating Land O’Lakes Purina Feed research-proven and field tested feed technologies in our feeds, Nexus can provide you with the complete feeds and supplements you need for a profitable pork production.

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We’re also your pig sourcing partner. With the help of the Purina Pig Sourcing Team, Nexus can assist with supplying pigs to fill both the long-term and short-term needs of pork producers of all sizes.

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Building Construction or Purchase

Looking to build or purchase a livestock facility? Nexus works hand-in-hand with Cooperative Credit Company (CCC) to help our producers build equity through the construction or purchase of livestock production sites.


Nexus provides the nutrition and expertise your beef cattle need to meet your production goals efficiently and profitably. We carry the complete line of Purina beef feeds as well as QLF liquid products to meet the needs of your cattle from start to finish.

  • Purina Steakmaster supplements, Wind & Range minerals, and Rangeland creep feeds
  • Locally-manufactured and economical bulk creep feed products
  • Quality Liquid Feed (QLF) products
  • Protein and mineral tub


Nexus manufactures and markets quality dairy feeds using ingredients that help your calves, heifers and cows meet their potential and your production and profitability goals.

Through our partnership with Land O’Lakes Purina Feed, we bring you dairy products and technologies developed at Longview Animal Nutrition Center in Gray Summit, Missouri, and the Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products research facility in Fort Dodge, Iowa. Additionally, we carry products from Quality Liquid Feeds (QLF) and our own quality manufactured starter products.


Nexus partners with Land O’Lakes Purina Feed to provide you with a broad spectrum of nutrition, feed manufacturing and poultry production expertise. Our focused commercial poultry team is built with the full strength of Purina along with our feed additives partner, PMI. Together we will help you build a successful nutrition program.


We carry a large variety of specialty feeds for your livestock and pets. From sheep and goats to dogs, cats and equine, we can provide you with the best possible nutrients to ensure all your animals are healthy year round.

Learn more about our specialty feeds, including our full line of Show Feeds from Purina, by contacting one of our nutritionist below.

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